Step 2: Book a Class of your choice

Just to clarify, the form you just filled in was for us to know who not to charge for the May classes. Now you need to take the final step and go to our live booking page to reserve your place in the class of your choice. We've sent an email to your inbox explaining how to do this. The sooner you book, the more likely you get into the class you want! During the process, you will choose your class, build a profile for your child and add your credit card details. PLEASE NOTE: You will only be charged on June 1st if you decide to stay with us! So head over to your inbox now or just go ahead and book straight in by clicking the button below!

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Why Choose Good Life Gymnastics

If you are looking for an exciting way to keep your kids focused and entertained even during the holidays, look no further than Good Life Gymnastics. Introduce your children to the world of gymnastics and help them stay active and build strength even if the schools are closed. Equipped with some of the most renowned and accomplished Gymnastics coaches in the UK, we can develop and nurture a love for gymnastics in your kids.