Good Life Gymnastics was founded in order to bring recreational gymnastics to as many children as possible. Gymnastics as a sport enables children to become strong, fit and most importantly confident ina fun and exciting way. Realising that parents are regularly asked to travel many miles to find a good quality gymnastics class brought the birth of Good Life Gymnastics, where we come to you with high quality gymnastics through our satellite venues. 

We now have 4 locations in Surrey with classes for all ages, from 3yrs +, 5 days of the week and are looking to open more locations in the future. Join us in our exciting journey to encourage our children into a world of gymnastics!

Meet our amazing coaching team who are here to help your children develop core skills to enhance their


* Self-Confidence  * Coordination *  Spatial Awareness *  Posture * Balance * Strength * Flexibility * Core Strength * 

Being a Gymnast is having the

to hold on, and the                   to let go

Are you looking for an active, fun way to keep your kids fit and entertained during the holidays? Then why not try our daily workshops available throughout the holidays? Good Life Gymnastics run a safe and friendly workshop from 9:30am -2:30pm (*9:00am - 3:00pm) throughout all school holidays. The children end each day with a short gymnastics display for the parents to come and watch.

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 Contact Number  07741 853244


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