Good Life Gymnastics Progress Awards have been introduced to create an exciting and new way for gymnasts to be recognised for their achievements so far and parents to understand the progress in classes.


Once a term, we will test each child, at every age group, on 10 different skills taught to them over the term. Testing week will take over their session and the gym will be set up for the gymnasts to be taken through the skills. Each gymnast will be tested in their individual age group ( for example 3yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs etc) and depending on their ability will be awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award that can be purchased at the end of the session.


No gymnast will be tested twice as each term the skills tested will be different and they will advance depending on their age.


We will do our best to keep all gymnasts busy but some stations may require a little bit of patience while waiting for others to complete their skill.


The Good Life Gymnastics Progress Awards will provide each gymnast with new goals every term. This will hopefully encourage the gymnasts to believe that their hard work put in over the term is monitored and acknowledged.


Each term, all of the age group classes will work on a variety of gymnast skills and elements. We have carefully selected 10 exercises to test the children on that we feel fit each age and ability category.


Each age group will be given 10 skills or breakdowns to work towards over the term and then tested on the day.


Please note, if your child joins mid-term just before the testing week, they are still able to participate.


The scale of difficulty can be broken down into the following categories:  


Skills 1-3 will be basic yet extremely important for development and very achievable for most children

Skills 4-6 are slightly more advanced therefore the difficulty level is higher however achievable for the majority of gymnasts

Skills 7-9 are advanced and therefore the difficulty level is higher again

Skill 10 is the most advanced and hard to achieve


Each skill achieved will be given a point (maximum of 10) and therefore at the end of the session should the gymnast receive:


1 - 3 points out of 10 they are awarded a Bronze medal

4 - 6 out of 10 they are awarded a Silver medal

7 - 9 out of 10 they are awarded Gold medal

10 out of 10 they are awarded Platinum trophy


At the end of the session a slip will be handed out for each gymnast with their name, their age and the award they have achieved that term. This slip will offer parents a chance to purchase the award achieved or be kept as a reminder of their child’s progress.


The awards can be purchased at the end of the session that they were tested, and for the week after. They will cost £3.50 per medal and the platinum trophies will be available to order on the day for £8. Please note we can only accept card payments at the gym on the day of your testing or the week after.


All children will be tested during Testing Week once a term during their class. All dates can be found on the boards in the gyms on the class timetables.

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