To ensure the safety of children, parents and team members the following procedures will be in place:

1. Reduced Camp Capacities – latest social distancing requirements at all times.

2 metre distance will be kept as much as possible and face visors will be worn by the coaching team when this is not possible i.e supporting skills, children sign in and out.

2. Weekly bookings only to reduce mixing of bubbles within the camps

We advise that parents only book in for our camp and not do other activities in the evening to reduce the amount of mixing each week. 

3. Visible Signage for Social Distancing – Floor Signs and tape systems used where queuing required. Sign in & out areas will be 2 metres apart. 

Signage will also be displayed to remind everyone at camp of highest hygiene levels and social distancing.

4. The same coach will stay with the same group all week. They will all have to remain in their bubble and will not mix with other groups at all.

5. Gym Layout Changes – Each bubble or group will have a separate area to do their camp and have their lunch.

6. Hand Washing and Sanitiser Stations – Everyone washes hands regularly throughout the day. Hand sanitiser stations will be in the gym and  at the sign in desk for children and coaches when they arrive and leave. 

7. Sign In and Sing out will be contactless – The gym manager will sign the child in and out, to prevent parents having to make contact with registers etc.

8. No entry to those showing Covid19 symptoms – any child who arrives who is displaying any symptoms will not be allowed to stay at camp. Parents must inform ESG if their child starts to display symptoms. Isolation protocols will be done if a child starts to display symptoms during the day.

9. Gloves and Face coverings - These will be worn when 2 metre distance cannot be obtained and will be used when administering first aid.

10. Separate lunchtimes areas – to be able to enforce social distancing measures there will be separate breaks and lunchtime areas.

11. Enhanced cleaning routines – This will ensure areas that are used a lot by children to be cleaned on a regular basis. Equipment will be cleaned after use with disinfectant wipes. Toilets will be cleaned twice daily at a minimum.

12. We will ensure all doors and windows will be left open in order to ensure adequate ventilation throughout the sessions. 




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