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Gymnastics for Kids in Sutton

Good Life Gymnastics offer recreational gymnastics and summer camp programs that are designed to develop athletic ability and the fundamentals of balance, agility, coordination and strength. We have a team of expert gymnasts offering gymnastics camps at multiple venues in and around the Sutton area. So if you live in Sutton and are looking for a Gymnastics Coach, Book in today!

Our coaches are experienced in teaching gymnastics and tumbling skills to children ages 3+ years. Our Gymnastics camps are second to none, as we have set out on a mission to develop kids core skills for a lifetime of flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and confidence. Our classes are highly accessible, as we have multiple venues in and around the Sutton area.

Gymnastics in Sutton

As expert Gymnastics coaches in Sutton, our team provides high-quality online gymnastics classes using ZOOM for all ages and abilities to be done in the safety of your home. Our recreational programs build fitness and confidence in kids by developing their gymnastics skills in a friendly, child-focused environment.

Gymnastics Clubs in Sutton

Sutton Gymnastics Club

When Good Life Gymnastics started out in 2015, our mission was to develop core skills for a lifetime of flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and confidence and we believe we have achieved that by investing in professional Gymnastics coaches who are passionate about what they do.  

Here’s a list of the reasons you should choose Good Life Gymnastics:

  • Self-Confidence 
  • Coordination 
  • Spatial Awareness 
  • Strength and Flexibility 

Gymnastics Camps Sutton

Holiday Camps For Kids in Sutton

Gymnastics training helps children develop both physically and mentally. We run classes that suit most kids regardless of age and help them to develop core skills for a lifetime of flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and confidence thanks to our team of leading Gymnastics coaches. Our classes and holiday camps for kids covers all areas in and around the Sutton.


Yes of course! We actually recommend booking a trial as it reserves the space in the class until after the trial date

Not quite a uniform but we do have some rules for attire with the importance of safety in mind. We ask that children wear active wear only. This can be in the form of shorts and t-shirt, tracksuits, leggings, leotards and even onesies are a fun favourite. Please no jeans, skirts or dresses. Anything that isn’t flexible can cause obstruction during activities. We also ask that anyone with long hair has it tied up and no socks are worn for safety purposes. Grippy socks or gymnastics shoes are okay. MOST IMPORTANT! - Don’t forget a bottle of water. Become a member of the team and pick up some of these items from our online store.

All bookings will be made on our booking system provided by class4kids. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. Our sessions are paid for on a monthly subscription basis, with only 1 months notice needed in order to stop. You don't need to worry about rebooking as we have set up automatic renewals. For more information on payments please visit our terms and conditions page.

Yes! But not every week :) Sessions are closed to parents on a weekly basis in order to help children focus however we do try and get parents in on the children's first session for a few minutes and at least once per term for a watching week or end of year performance.

As a general rule, weekly classes stop in the holiday times however our holiday camps continue. For more information on this click here.

  • A pack lunch (nothing with nuts please!)
  • Water bottle
  • Active wear like short, t-shirt or tracksuit. Leotards are awesome, jeans and dresses are not.