Return to Gymnastics April 2021

We are very excited for our safe return to physical gymnastics classes. We have outlined our step by step plan to return to business in April 2021:

  1. We have outlined below our key safety measure for keeping children safe
  2. All class times have been altered to allow for social distancing and cleaning measures
  3. Venues to confirm exact start dates. We are anticipating to have these dates by the second week in April
  4. Announce to members exact start dates for each venue
  5. Invite new members from waiting lists
  6. Welcome all of our amazing new and old members back .
  7. Current members will only have their monthly subscriptions reactivated to full monthly prices after the sessions have started. We are doing our best to fit in some make up sessions before this happens. Please see new prices on our booking page.

Safety Measures

  • Safe socialising

    Safe socialising

    Restructured Class Times – We have done away with overlapping classes for the time being. All classes will now be 50 minutes to allow for cleaning and change over between classes.

    2 metre distance will be kept as much as possible and face visors will be worn by the coaching team when this is not possible i.e supporting skills, children sign in and out.

    ​Visible Signage for Social Distancing – Signage will also be displayed to remind everyone of highest hygiene levels and social distancing.

  • Hand sanitiser

    Hand sanitiser

    Hand Washing and Sanitiser Stations – We will ask all children to sanitise their hands once they arrive for their class and regularly throughout each class. Hand sanitiser stations will be in the gym and at the sign in desk for children and coaches when they arrive and leave.

  • Reduced connect

    Reduced contact

    Sign In and Sign out will be contactless – The gym manager will sign the child in and out, to prevent parents having to make contact with registers etc.

    ​We are a cashless gym, therefore we will continue to take all payments via our online booking system or contactless for merchandise within gyms.

  • Looking after our team

    Looking after our team

    It’s our aim to keep our team and members safe.
    All Staff will have their temperature checked before entering at the start of each session.

    No entry to those showing Covid19 symptoms – All children will be temperature checked before entering our facilities and should any child have a low grade temperature of 38 C or higher or arrives displaying any symptoms, they will not be allowed to stay. Parents must inform ESG if their child starts to display symptoms.

    Should a child start presenting symptoms whilst in class, Isolation protocols will be actioned and parents of that class will be notified and asked to self-isolate until confirmation of the child’s condition is confirm

  • Cleaning monitor

    Cleaning monitor

    Face coverings – These will be worn by all coaches to help when 2 metre distance cannot be obtained and will be used when administering first aid.​

    Enhanced cleaning routines – We will ensure areas that are frequently used by children are cleaned on a regular basis. Equipment will be cleaned after use with disinfectant wipes.

    Ventilation – We will ensure all doors and windows will be left open in order to ensure adequate ventilation throughout the sessions.